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Bicycle Assembly

chainless bicycle assembly instructions

All bikes ship tuned and 90% assembled in the box!

Our bikes are professionally tuned and 90% assembled in our bike shop prior to shipping. This includes:

This ensures that your bike arrives 'Ready to Ride'. Detailed assembly instructions and a tool are included with the bike, and we are here to assist you if you have any questions. Note that the Sidekick folding bike comes tuned and 100% assembled in the bike - you simply need to unfold it and it is ready to ride.

Here are the steps for final assembly:

chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 1  chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 2

chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 3  chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 4

chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 5  chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 6

chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 7  chainless bicycle assembly instructions step 8

Download Assembly Instructions

Want more details? Download the detailed assembly instructions that come with each bike.

What About Tune-Ups and Maintenance?

Did you know that 90% of a bicycle's ongoing maintenance is for chain and derailleur components? This is why our chainless bikes require 90% less maintenance than a chain bike. See our How-To Videos for help you with these basic adjustments.

Not comfortable doing adjustments yourself? No problem. Our bicycles use the same high quality brand name components as other bike brands, including Shimano gearing, Tektro brakes, Alex rims, Kenda tires, Velo seats and more. Which means that any bike shop can true your wheels, adjust your brakes, replace your tires and tubes, etc. And of course, you can call us if you want to ask our advice first.