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The Best Folding Bicycle is... Chainless

The best folding bike is chainless

No More Greasy Chains or Finicky Derailleurs

With the Sidekick 8 folding bicycle, all the moving parts are fully enclosed, so it is smoother and cleaner to ride, easier to shift, and lasts longer than chain bikes. By combining the Shimano 8-speed internal hub with the Sussex shaft drive system, the Sidekick 8 folding bicycle is the cleanest, safest folding bike on the market - without compromising on performance, efficiency or durability.

The Sidekick uses the Shimano 8-speed internal gearing and the Sussex shaft drive system, so all the moving parts are enclosed and protected. This is why the Sidekick 8 is the perfect bike for taking on your boat, RV, plane or car because it has no chain grease to get on clothes or hands, and folds up without exposed chain parts to get damaged when in storage or transport. It also makes the perfect city commuter bike. The Sidekick's fully enclosed chainless drivetrain has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, so it lasts longer in salty and sandy environments, and is portable enough to take it on trains or store it apartments without worrying about chain grease or mess.

Big Fun in a Small Package

Chainless Folding Bicycle Video - how to fold a Dynamic Sidekick chainless folding bicycleThe Sidekick 8 uses an aluminum frame with an easy-to-operate release hinge, collapsible handlebar, and foldable pedals that allow you to quickly and easily pack the bike down to a compact 14''W x 30''L x 22''H without any tools in just 15 seconds. The new 2013 Sidekick also features a magnetic clamp to hold the bike together when it is folded. Yet when you are riding it, it feels surprisingly like a full-size bike. With a wide gear range and upright riding position, it can be your everyday bike.

How Does Chainless Technology Work?

The Sidekick's chainless design combines two innovative technologies to ensure a smoother ride, easier operation, and simplified maintenance - the Sussex shaft drive system, and the Shimano internal gear hub. By integrating our shaft drive with Shimano's internal hubs, the Sidekick not only has a sleek, modern look, but it delivers an incredibly smooth ride, great performance and eliminates the number one complaint people have always had about folding bikes – the chains and derailleurs.

chainless bicycle on TVThe Shaft Drive uses two sets of spiral bevel gears and a shaft rod to smoothly and efficiently transfer power from the cranks to rear wheel. The bevel gears are made of heat treated cromoly and paired with high quality sealed cartridge bearings – all sealed inside lightweight, durable aluminum alloy casings. Our shaft drive, now in its fourth generation, has been used on bikes since 1991, and is already on tens of thousands of bikes all over the world. The shaft drive does not require adjustments or tune-ups, and it keep dirt, sand, salt and water off the moving parts, so it dramatically reduces repair and maintenance time and cost.

chainless bicycle on TVThe Sidekick uses Shimano's high efficiency Alfine 8-speed Internal Gear Hub, whereby all the gears are fully enclosed within the rear axle of the bike. These hubs are called planetary gears - much like the tranmission on a car - giving a wide range of gearing in a very compact space. In fact, the Sidekick's gear range is nearly the same as a full size bike. The Shimano internal gear hub integrates seamlessly with our shaft drive to create incredibly efficient shifting and smooth speed changes. Shimano’s internal gear hubs are sealed and lifetime lubricated to safely protect them from dirt, debris and damage. Plus, since the Shimano hub is free-wheel, you can backpedal and coast just as you would on any other bike.

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